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As an experienced native German Speaker, translator and interpreter with strong ties (Dual Citizenship) to both cultures and languages; I provide affordable German to English translations and English to German translations of outstanding quality, and specialize in professional translation from German into English and from English into German with the main focus on:
  • consistent translation service
  • fast response and
  • precise and timely work
  • express translations are welcome for no extra charge
  • quick turn-around
  • instant quote for your translation
  • quick and easy payment method.

If you’re looking for a simple translation with less than 100 words or a complete book or website with more than 10,000, I can help create a timely and accurate translation being a qualified native speaker of the target language. General German to English and English to German translations can come in any format, including documents, reports, essays and web pages.

Specializing in:           Finance, Law, Business, Commerce, Advertising, Public Relations, Medical, General Conversation, Greetings & Letters, Linguistics, Literature, Art, Music, Education, Pedagogy, Cinema, Film, TV, Theater, Opera, Media, Multimedia, Internet, E-Commerce, Tourism & Travel, Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, Real Estate, Marketing, Market Research, Retaining your German Citizenship - "Beibehaltung der deutschen Staatsbürgerschaft", Relocation and Website translation

Language changes with time......
...time and language are interconnected
...... and time changes language

Document translation - Certified and notarised
100% Acceptance by US Immigration, colleges, universities and employers
If your certificate or document is not listed below, please request a free quote at the "Free Quote" page.

  • Birth Certificate translation 
  • Marriage Certificate Translation 
  • Diploma Translation (University, employer, college, school)
  • Transcript Translation
  • Divorce Decree Translation
  • Death Certificate
  • Good Conduct/Background Check Certificate
  • High School Diploma and Transcript
  • German/ American Driver License
  • Immigration Document translation
    All document translation.

General, Legal, Medical, Transcript, Financial, Advertising, Marketing translation

  • My translation work is confidential and accurate
  • Policies, medical records, insurance papers
  • Legal contracts and statements, depositions, all kinds of legal documents such as contracts, wills, marriage, birth and death certificates, divorce decrees, house leases, patent applications, court pleadings, and many more
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • "Beibehaltung der deutschen Staatsbürgerschaft"
  • Accurate transcription
  • Marketing translation projects including - web, brochures, flyers, magazine advertisements, business cards, etc.
  • Providing accurate, well-written translations of marketing, advertising, PR and other promotional documents, brochures and flyer.


Media, Audio-video transcription and translation

  • Film and television voice-over, subtitling, and dubbing translation
  • Script translation

Literary translation - Volume discount

  • Literary translation is not only an effort to provide a verbatim, word-for-word translation of the source text; but also the art of conveying the author's original message, and then creating exactly the same mood and flair of the original narrative to a foreign audience. Besides having a deep knowledge of the foreign languages and cultures involved, literary translators are more often than not also creative writers and literature experts.
  • Literary translators translate novels, short stories, plays, poems and the like; encompassing both classical and contemporary works. In recent years, the literary translation field has finally regularly included the film and theatre industries, adding film and theatre subtitling and dubbing to their repertoire


Proofreading and Editing - $45.00 per hour

  • I offer an additional service – proofreading, which involves a complete spell-check, grammar check, verification of style and terminology consistency and formatting
  • As a native-speaking German specialist I can proofread any texts, translated by you or by other translators into German to ensure full cultural relevance
  • Oversight proofreading: includes obvious orthography and punctuation mistakes; no modification is done concerning the style of the original
  • Intermediate proofreading: orthography, punctuation, grammar mistakes: minimum modification in the style of the original
  • Extensive rewriting: the original text may be subject to important changes in order to achieve the language general standards, with the customer's permission

Website translation

  • My services are completely client-oriented.  I can do everything from simple proofreading to a complete remodeling or summary of your site.  If you just want to announce your presence to the Web, I can design and phrase your multilingual site.  My focus is on German and English.
  • Translating and Adapting Complete Websites
  • I will transform your website for a German-speaking audience.  My services range from creative translations to creating a complete German-language copy of your website, custom-tailored to the client group you want to reach.
  • Creating a complete multilingual website can bring you great advantages and benefits for your business.
  • I will work closely with you all the way through the project, so that you can reach the potential clients or customers, you have been searching for in the relevant languages.
  • If you already have an English- or German-language website and would like me to make sure it is free of grammatical and/or spelling mistakes and is specifically focused on your target customers, contact me and I will be glad to proofread it for you.
  • I will edit your website and see whether the tone of the text is focused on the audience you want to reach.
  • Of course, when all of the above is done, it makes sense for a fresh pair of eyes (belonging to another native speaker translator), to go over the foreign version, to make sure everything looks fine.  If you don't have your own in-house linguist, this is something that I can help you with.  I will definitely save you time and effort, and will always be focused on your target audience.


Certified Translation for United States Immigration (USCIS)

A certified English translation for the US immigration services (USCIS) must be prepared in accordance with the United States regulation, 8 CFR 103.2 (b)(3) and by a professional translator or translation company. Other organizations, such as WES and various universities and medical schools sometimes have additional requirements, but basically a certified translation is made up of four parts which must be in place in order to be considered a valid certified translation.
  • The certified English translation must be on official company letterhead paper showing the name and address of the German - English translator / translation company
  • The complete word for word translation of the original text formatted as closely as possible to the original text.
  • A statement signed by the translator or translation company representative attesting that the translator or translation company representative believes the translated text to be an accurate and complete translation of the source document. Sometimes this statement bears the title "Certificate of Accuracy."
  • A statement notarizing the translator's signature signed by a Notary Public.