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I am under contract as a court interpreter with the U.S. District Court

I offer a full-service interpretation, focused on the unique needs of each client. I am a contract interpreter for the U.S. District Court / Middle District of Florida, I work as an interpreter for private matters but also for conferences and business meetings.

Time changes history.....
Time, history, culture and language are interconnected.....
history changes the course of language....

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting ($75.00 - 99.00):

  • Educational and general matters
  • Depositions (I am under contract as a Court Interpreter with the US District Court)
  • Interviews and meetings
  • Telephone interpretating (via skype conference or as requested)
  • Drivers license test
  • Real Estate Matters
  • All events (business and private)
  • Conferences, Seminars
  • Personal matters

Telephone Interpreting for corporations and individuals ($75.00 - 95.00):

  • Telephone interpreting for a variety of corporate, legal or personal matters
  • Qualified interpreting can speed negotiations, make discussions more effective and ultimately save both time and money

 Escort interpreting ($75.00)

  • Providing interpreting services for foreign visitors
  • Accompanying you on both business and personal excursions
  • Same service for travelers, engaged in professional assignments where quality interpreting can lead to successful ventures and long-term business relationships
  • Immigration matters
  • Driver's License test and preparation
  • Real estate / Purchase of property


  • Film and television voice-over, subtitling and dubbing translations