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You are welcome to request a free no-obligation quote by sending your document as a .doc, .rtf, .txt, .pdf or .xls file as an e-mail attachment to info@germanenglishtranslationcentral.com or germantransengl@aol.com. You can also complete and submit assignment and contact info below. Please indicate the desired delivery deadline. In order to assess the technical nature of the document, the volume and required time frame, I always prefer to have a look at the document first.
  • Every translation project is different. The price calculation is therefore based on the volume, perplexity and on the required delivery date.
  • I prefer to calculate translation fees on the basis of the source word count established in MS-WORD. This means, for pure translation work I charge a rate per source word from your original. The advantage of this calculation is obvious: you will know the exact price before you buy.
  • The quote is absolutely free of charge.
  • Sometimes, complex layouts of the original may require other work than pure translation, for example: processing text in pictures in PDF or Photo-shop files. - This technical work is to be considered and may be charged. Any additional charges are indicated in the quotation.
  • During the normal working hours you will receive your quotation within a few hours. If you like what you see, I will send you an agreement (purchase order), and you are then required to please sign and return it by fax or email.

  • Translations will be delivered according to your wishes - by e-mail, fax or on paper and in the format agreed in the purchase order.

Professional German / English Translation
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For a quick, completely free quote for your translation needs simply do the following:
  • Fill in the form below.
  • Email the translation project you want translated to me
  • You will receive a quote by email within 2 hours

My prices include:

  • Translation from German into English or English into German by a professional translator
  • Perfect formatting in accordance with immigration, college, and employer requirements or unique needs according to your very own specifications
  • Certification in accordance with immigration and college requirements
  • Notarization of certification
  • No charge for express translations

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