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German translation
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English translation

Translation Rates:
My rates vary according to the degree of difficulty and length of your text, its content, topic, and format as well as your deadline. Please do
not hesitate to contact me for a free quotation.In Germany, translation rates are usually calculated per standard line (55 keystrokes). Here
in North America, the UK, Ireland, and many other English speaking countries, prices are generally calculated per word. Usually, I charge my
clients per word. The end price is based on the number of words in the source text (your original). That gives you the advantage of knowing
the exact price ahead of time. The below price-list shows my general rates in US Dollars. For more detailed and project-specific quotation,
please ask for a Free translation Quote at the 'Free Quote' page.
My translation method and standard was established to provide efficient, flexible and reasonable standards and expert solutions for businesses
and individuals. My primary goal is to provide accurate, precise, affordable, high-quality translations.

Translation from English into German                                  

USD 0.13 cents or EUR 0.10 cents per source word                                    

Translation from German into English

USD 0.13 cents or EUR 0.10 cents per source word
 Straightforward textUSD 0.13
 Challenging textFree Quote 
 Research or other creative work such as re-working advertising and marketing textsFree Quote 

 Literary translations / Volume discount


Free Quote

*Prices will be set upfront for a save and fixed price quote for you. Because all texts and translation needs are different, providing you with a clear-cut price here without seeing the material to be translated is
 difficult. Please ask me for a free quote.

Above prices also include proofreading and basic layout.

Website Translation: Websites are as varied as the Internet.  A website will often contain straightforward, more difficult and challenging text.  If you are
thinking about having your website translated into German or English, please send me the URL (web address) of your site and I'll provide you with a free
quote.  Please tell me whether you would like the entire site translated or just some particular sections.


General information:  Please go to 'free quote' - don't forget to send your document and/or include your URL (HTTP//:www...) via email. Alternatively, you might
want to provide me with some general details of your proposed translation (subject, purpose etc.). Please also feel free to call me for more information.

Delivery: My translations are delivered by e-mail, regular mail, CD ROM,  or you can come and pick it up in person.

1. What languages are supported?
I translate between German and English in both directions - I don't do other languages, however I run a tight network with language professionals who specialize in
other languages and gladly give you a referral to them to suit your language needs.

2. What is the turnaround time for translations?
The translation period depends on three factors:
The length of the text
The difficulty level - technical, is research necessary etc.
The format in which the translation is to be completed - Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage etc.
As a general rule, an experienced translator can usually render approx. 2000 words per day.

3. What is the cost of translation? Is there a volume discount?
Translation is charged in Dollars. My prices start at $ 0.10 cents per word. Of course, translation of simple everyday texts costs less than more challenging technical
text.  Bulk discounts can be arranged depending on the amount of work involved. For more details please refer to my pricing page here.

4. What is the billing method of your service? 
I provide my clients with e-mail invoicing and accept payment over PayPal (enabling payment by almost all credit cards) direct bank transfer or a banker’s check due
either upfront or latest at the time of delivery. For ongoing monthly orders, monthly accounts with 14 days billing method can be arranged. See the section 'Payment'
for more detailed description.
Please email or call for my rates for Interpretation, voice over, subtitling or editing. Simply call or send an email containing type of project, length and subject

Rates for Document translation/Certificates/Certified translations:




German Birth Certificate 



German Marriage Certificate (Not Family Record Book) 


German Death Certificate 



German University Diploma 


German University Diploma with Examination Results 


German Good Conduct/Background Check Certificate 


German High School Diploma and Transcript 


German Driver License 


"Certificate of Accuracy" - Certification                           

(including) Notarisation of "Certificate of Accuracy" 


If your certificate or document is not listed, please go to "contact me" or "free quote" to request a free quote 

Prices include: Translation into English/German, perfect formatting, stamp transfer, image transfer, mirror image of original.

Before you request a quote, check to see if your certificate/document is listed above. 

If so, you may order directly without first receiving a quote.

If you do not see your document listed above, I will provide a quick, completely free quote for your translation needs. Simply do the following:
  • Fill in the form below.
  • Email the certificate you want translated to me
  • You will receive a quote by email within an hour

My prices include:

  • Translation into English by a professional translator
  • Perfect formatting in accordance with immigration, college,  and employer requirements
  • Certification in accordance with immigration and college requirements
  • Notarization of certification